Illinois Vital Records System (IVRS)

IVRS is the Illinois Department of Public Health's system for electronic birth and death certificate origination and registration. IVRS allows for multiples users to simultaneously process birth and death data 24 hours a day, 7 days a week from any computer with an internet connection.

The birth portion of the Illinois Vital Records System (IVRS) will be fully implemented in Illinois on January 1, 2010.

IVRS Benefits for Birth:

  • Secure Web-based system deployable anywhere internet access is available
  • No need for software to reside on the Birthing hospital’s PC
  • Each user will be assigned a secure user ID and password
  • Paperless registration of births
  • Birth data electronically filed with the Local Registrar
  • State File Number automatically assigned by the system
  • All records identified by city or county of occurrence and can be immediately accessed by the initiating hospital, local registrar, county clerk and IDPH.
  • Site Registration Authority (SRA) will manage their own users at each birthing facility
  • Multiple edit capability built into the system will reduce errors
  • Immediate availability of records that are amended by the Division

A death certificate provides prima facie evidence of a person's death and is relied upon for important legal proceedings as well as for the creation of important derivative public health and regulatory data. Illinois currently processes over 100,000 new death certificates per year. The web-based IVRS system provides the ability for medical examiners/coroners, funeral directors, doctors, and hospitals to submit electronic death certificates for registration.

The Death portion of the Illinois Vital Records System (IVRS) is fully implemented in Illinois.

IVRS Benefits for Death:

  • Faster registration of death certificates
  • Issuance of the disposition permit and death certificate in funeral homes
  • Fax attestation for medical certifiers - eliminating the need to track down medical certifiers for signatures
  • Quick determination of status for a pending death certificate
  • Improved data quality through a full set of data validations (edits) and SSN verification prior to registration
  • Electronic processing of death certificate amendments

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